2018 is off to a big start, as I have been contacted by the Washington DC office of Senator Bernie Sanders, my Vermont Senator, so send some prints down to hang in their office as a loan. I am honored and willing, working on this now.


This period has seen an exponential growth in my skill and sensibility as a photographer, as well as some exhibitions. In addition to some local shows in Vermont and New Hampshire, I've currently got three prints hanging in the current exhibition at the Boston Athenaeum. I also have a show of prints at the Design Showroom of Pompanoosuc Mills, in East Thetford Vermont as well as pieces in Long River Gallery in White River Junction, VT and Frog Hollow, in Burlington. In October of 2017 I had a large show at the Osher Gallery of Dartmouth College.

Spring-Summer 2015

The Athenaeum in Boston has purchased 11 of my prints to add to their permanent collection. I blogged about this acquisition.

Winter 2014-2015

In December into mid January 2014 to 2015 I have a large show of photos hanging in the Ledyard gallery of the Howe Library in Hanover NH. This has been a big push, ratcheting up my printing skills. These photos are the best I've ever hung.

In other work, there has been the ever ongoing push of refreshing my skills in the realms of general web work: CSS, responsive design, javascript, working with content management systems. I've also made a huge push in working with CSS preprocessors: SASS, Compass, Susy. These have been life-changingly powerful ways of styling web content and working with responsive designs. Always so much to learn and so much to do! Winter 2015 will start a new push into iOS app development.

Winter 2013-2014

This last year I've continued to push my photography, hard. I've been printing a lot, refining my printing technique (fine printing has been an over-thirty-year arc). My photographs, and their presentation, are the best they've been in over thirty years, if I do say so myself. For the web, I've continued to work with clients, and I've pushed forward my work with PHP and javascript in a few contexts, mostly on itself. I've implemented a sophisticated ecommerce system, using Stripe in PHP and Javascript, which has innumerable advantages over standard implementations, especially for my purposes. Though I've done eccomerce online since the 90s (I'm responsible for selling a lot of ski-and-stay vacations at Killington back when the web was still young), Stripe is an ecommerce solution that has "arrived" in my opinion.

Winter 2012-2013

I'm continuing work developing an iPhone app. At some point I may have all rocket engines firing, and maybe I'll be completely tangled up in that project. In the mean time, I'm also working on sites for existing clients, pushing forward with my photography, and undertaking new design and development projects and courses. And photography is in high gear these days. Much to do. I've learned a lot about interface design. I could easily hire-out to help with design and interface elements for developers in need. I better finish this project of mine before I hire out to develop apps for others. Small or very interesting web jobs are welcome, and I love supporting my good old clients.

Winter 2012

This winter I'm resetting my CSS layouts, to facilitate flexible layouts and mobile device deployment. Check this page, and some of my recent sites on your phone. I'm also digging deeper into webfonts to enhance typographic presentation. While I've been using google fonts on client sites for a good part of last year, there are richer offerings to explore.

Fall 2011

In the last year I've helped design the interface of a web application, which has just received its first round of venture capitol funding. The application has been called a "Killer App" by someone very prominent in the field. I'm still under Non Disclosure agreement and hope to re-engage with that development at some point. The application is developed in Ruby on Rails, and I worked closely with the Rails developer and even coded some of the app templates. Mostly my work was interface design, photoshop and CSS work.

In the last years I've changed my working style to be more based on hand-coding using Textmate and various shortcut tricks to expedite coding, and CSSEdit and other editors to work with CSS. I also can use Dreamweaver, but it is slower and more cumbersome to do that, now that I've adopted and become agile with these great coding tools.

In this period I've continued to maintain long term client sites, and have done a few more designs.

In the last year, I've deployed a number of highly customized Wordpress sites and gotten quite good at developing daughter themes.

See my Portfolio page for other recent web projects. (of course the photography portfolios are different.)

2001 - 2010

Innumerable Web-projects, including new sites as well as long term relationships with established clients, fine art photography, and lots of learning. In this period I moved from my 90's style of table based layouts to standards compliant, accessible, and standards compliant pages, as CSS and styles changed. There is still old code of mine out there though.

7/97 through Winter 01: Webmaster for Killington Resort.

The site has been very successful under my tenure, clearly the most successful of all American Skiing Company web sites by any measure. Traffic has been high; the site is large and informative, with almost 3,000 files on the server and average user sessions of 20 minutes under my tenure. User feedback has been very positive. My responsibilities during this period have included e-commerce, graphics, page design, information design, and site architecture. Working on something as big as has been a fun challenge, and I'd like to thank everyone at killington who made it a generally great experience. During this period I also worked on designing, building, and maintaining a number of other sites.

Other work in the period of '96 to the present has been in web development, both (very) large and small sites. All of my experience over the last 20 years — working with images; writing, organizing, and designing information—converges in web work.


Web Design

Since '96 I've been very busy in all aspects of Web Design, Site Architecture, Information Design, eCommerce, database integration, Content Management, Javascript, CGI, and of course graphics. See my Web Work page for more.

Photoshop work/Graphic Design

I've used Photoshop professionally since '94, and other computer graphics/design/layout tools as well since then, including Corel's Painter and Bryce, Adobe's Illustrator and Indesign, and Quark Xpress. Though most of my work has been for the web, I have also worked on print materials such as business cards to match a web design as well as very high resolution photographic pieces to be output on various high resolution devices.

Writing/Information Design — In the early 90s I worked as a writer, publishing magazine articles in national magazines as well as pulling together several technical manuals on software products and hardware devices. Working with information and understanding the need to prepare well organized and tight content laid the foundation for web design.

Photography — Photography has been a serious focus of my time and energy. It's been an invaluable aid in developing my eye, and also it has sharpened my skills at producing web images. I'm currently involved in a big documentary project in the capacity of photographer, archivist, digital video editor, and web publisher for these photographic images.


2012 — Continuing to advance web design and development (especially custom Wordpress sites) while developing interface, architecture, and code for an iPhone/iPad app. Look for it in 2013!

Spring 2011 — Work doing interface design and CSS for a startup, a web application based on Ruby on Rails

Fall 2005 – Extensive effort into my photography, creating these hundreds of web pages and working on images.

2004 Summer: My photos on the front and back cover of Kosmos magazine


1996 to Present: Designer/Producer/Webmaster of many web sites. See Portfolio.

1/97 NetGuide Gold Award winner, with 5 stars for design for the Digital Mask site. Actually, that was my very first web site.

8/96 I didn't win the trip to Paris in the 1996 Fractal Design Contest. But one of my high resolution pieces toured the country as part of Fractal Design's Gallery, hung at MacWorld, Siggraph, Seybold—all those shows.

4/19/96 My article on the Dye Transfer Process is in the May/June issue of Photo Techniques, a national magazine on high-end photography.

12/95 Winner in Photo District News digital imaging contest.

1994 - 1996 Printer, technician, image editor, webmaster, marketing and publications for Digital Mask, a high-end, digitally based fine printing lab; work on personal high resolution digitally manipulated photography, film work, and traditional printing.

1991-1994 Free-lance magazine writing (articles for Country Journal and Harrowsmith Country Life) and technical writing (manuals for North East Environmental Products and Allen Bradley Corporation), work on self-illustrated gardening book; continued work in photography, began work in digital imaging.

1987-1991 New darkroom completed: continued work in large format silver photography while branching into other interests — writing and computing among them.

1980-1985 Pursued fine art photography full time; Hung several shows of silver photographs in New Hampshire and Vermont spaces, represented by Charles Fenton Gallery in Woodstock, VT. Photos published as covers on the Poetry Journal "New England Review."

1982 1982 Studied view camera techniques and fine printing with John Sexton at Maine Photographic Workshop.

1980 Bachelors Degree from Dartmouth College