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Exhibition, Ledyard Gallery, Howe Library

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The show is down now, and unfortunately the images on the web don't do the show justice. Many of the prints in the show are still available framed. The page of the show's photos will show image size and frame size (framed with Tru Vue Museum Glass and natural wood frames) if you are interested in purchasing on of these framed pieces. All images are available as unframed prints as usual from the rest of this website, or curated for the show on the photos page.

The loose theme of the show is Anicca, which is Pali for impermanence. This is not just that things change at a superficial level, but rather it is a to-the-roots worldview.

Each wall of the show is sub-themed. One wall features large black and white prints, and then the wall opposite, "Floating World," a wall of large color pieces evokes ukeyo-e, literally "Floating World," a style of Japanese art popularized by Hiroshige, Hokusai and others. This style is rooted not just in an aesthetic, but also a Buddhist worldview. Another set of prints reveals Post Pond, in Lyme New Hampshire as process as much as place; the backdrop of hills provides a stage for the process of change through the days and seasons on the water. All these images are very personally evocative, but the period of my life living near Post Pond was full of transition, change, and growth. Finally, there is a set of close-up images; frost and dewdrops and changing light, a blink of an eye in a garden. This moment is soon gone like the morning's frost, the dew on a peony petal.

The forty pieces range in size from 12 by 12 to 22 by 28 and 16 by 40 inches, printed with archival pigment based inks and framed with UV protecting museum glass. (Yes, the irony of archival prints and framing in a show about impermanence has already crossed my mind.)

The show's Artist Statement is here.

The opening on Dec 6 was a lot of fun... The opening

This (linked) page collects the images from the show.

Prints without framing can be purchased directly online by clicking on an image at the show photos page and then following the link to that image's page. The Purchase page might also make that clearer. The as-framed prints are of course available for sale. Call me at 802-436-1100 or email me.