grass and stump after ice storm, November 2010

On this day I was busy with web work (an interesting project, now complete: The Corinth Social History Project (this site is, years later, no longer online). It was a good day to be working at my desk, with cold freezing rain outside. During a break I took a look out the window at the “awful” day out there. Beautiful! I poked my head out the window. Yes! Where’s my camera?! I went out and filled the 2GB card that was in the camera, and I had to come back in for another card, and ended up with quite a few good photos. Unfortunately I was so caught up in the day and the photography that I didn’t stop to grab the smaller Canon G11. Sometimes the greater depth of field afforded by the smaller camera is an advantage in this kind of work, though much of what I did that day actually benefitted from the shallow depth of field of the prime lens I had on my DSLR.
This is a of photo with qualities I’ve had in my mind to work with for many years. It’s great to see them come together here.

To me it evokes baroque music, but also with the added sparkle of psychedelic electric guitar work, with some post-modern minimalism thrown in. There were times when Jerry Garcia would tease Bach’s “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” during jams, but alas, that musical confluence was all too rare. Here we have it visually, at least in my mind.

This print is for sale here.

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