Winter Window 2012

ice on winter window vermont

This is new this week. I glossed over it when reviewing images, but it had enough of a rating to make it onto the for-review files on the ipad. Then it looked so good on the ipad that I decided to try it as a lock-screen image. It looks so good as the lock screen, I had to come here and put it up as photo of the week.

It got me thinking more about photos as something we see differently with different modern viewing methods. It’s a funny thing. While as a fine-photographer I have to take the print, or the possibility of a print, as the basic ground of what makes a “real photograph,” I also have to consider the glowing computer monitor, which is really quite a different thing. And for some reason a smaller hand-held glowing screen is yet another thing altogether. I don’t completely understand why.

I’ve been looking at a number of images as possible iPad-keepers, and it’s interesting. There are certain qualities that make them work for these purposes, lock screen and home screen being quite different. They also need to work when suddenly cropped by an orientation shift. Very interesting.

I’m working on programming an iPad app to present my photos, and this gets me thinking I’ll also need to create an app with images that make good home screen and lock screens for ipads and iphones, and make the app with possibility to get them to the camera roll or photo collection, so they could be used this way by any user of the app. Something interesting to think about, on the back burner.

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