Snowmobile Track Macro Panorama, Cavendish Gorge VT 2012

Well, it seems this WordPress theme is rather limited in maximum image-width. This is a case where I’d love to be able to splash this image across a large monitor or your wall as a large print. This is too small. So I’m putting it up in the regular pages,  here.

This is quite fresh, this last Sunday. Somewhat typically, I was in a magical place of great scope, but I saw something two inches from my toes. I like both the overall composition and the fine detail and texture.

There was some question in my mind whether Cavendish Gorge would even still be there after Hurricane Irene last fall. It was in a part of Vermont that got really clobbered. The Black river, which you can see in the gorge here and here and here, was huge and ferocious in that storm. I think the dam above this gorge diverts a lot of the water, so that it ends up at a hydro dam at the bottom end of it. I guess that diversion helped preserve the gorge a lot. These rocks are all still in the gorge, but there are several trees at some choke points in the rocks.

This print is for sale here.

One thought on “Snowmobile Track Macro Panorama, Cavendish Gorge VT 2012

  1. Jim Schley

    Oooooh, these are so gorgeous, John, both tactile and abstract, truly. I’m trolling for images for a very wintry new book by a Minnesota poet, with the title MERIDIAN. I’ll be in touch. Ice seems called for. The book is about an aging mother, approaching death.

    Your chum in the etherium (and on earth), Jim

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