Water Grass, Ice, Rime, Lyme NH 2008

I have a lot of images on deck, and most of them would break out of this just-melting-freezing semi-macro streak I’ve been on. But I’m continuing it here.

I like the combination of energy and serenity in this image. I think it is both a good composition, and a very unusual one. The textures sing to me. It’s both normal and extraordinary. All in all, it’s all the things I like to pull off in my own photographs and to see in others’.

This image pierced me when looking through my catalog late at night while listening to some new Japanese Shakuhachi music I bought the other week. The music and this image went together well. Flipping through images quickly, this one and the music blended and caught me, and I just stopped. Stayed stopped for a bit. Good.

As for the exposure, my old house in Lyme New Hampshire bordered on Clay Brook, which flows out of Post Pond. I have a lot of images of Post Pond up here, and there are probably some Clay Brook images scattered around. I used to walk there a lot, with camera, and it was a very fertile place to make images. There should be a lot more Clay Brook images, and I will do it.

I think I’m going to have to create a new category on the site for this streak, this mini-genre I’ve been showing on this blog recently. We’ll see what next week will bring to the Photo of the Week…

This print is for sale here.

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