Grass, Rime Ice, Clay Brook 2008

This is the same year and the same brook in Lyme NH as the last Photo of the week “Water Grass, Ice, Rime, Lyme NH“– actually, this is exposed less than a week later. I wanted to continue the “just at freezing” theme I had going, but instead I wanted to continue along the thread of the poetry last week’s image. This not as kinetic, probably not as interesting a composition, but I like the Chinese painting quality of it. Nothing just-at-freezing here: I bet it was between 5 and 15 degrees fahrenheit to have rime ice like this.

I’m relatively freshly back from a 10 day silent meditation retreat, just over a week of back-in-the-world. Hence the long delay between posts here. I’m pretty on-fire with stuff I want to post here, but I was gone.

This print is for sale here.

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