Three Sheep, Path Along Puffin Cliffs, Iceland

I got a new (used) DSLR this week, and I’m quite pleased to be working with it. However, I’m polishing up an older gem from the vault instead of posting something new. I’ve got a pretty good backlog, so a new image will have to really pop for me to push something out of that queue.

I screwed up some of these panoramas when I was there on the cliff, including from the non-infrared camera. Some of them were pretty good, but didn’t really get enough of the ocean, which seems important to the total energy. But I think this one came through quite well, and it does what I like in a photo: it not only conveys the energy of the place, but it transforms the two dimensional space of the photo into an energetic experience of its own.

This print is for sale here.

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