Fuzzy Yellow Caterpillar Between Leaves

fuzzy Yellow Caterpillar in Vermont

I just finished a great trip, with a lot of photography. I’ve been through all those images, and there are some good ones for sure. I spent a long time trying to choose between them, but I ducked back to home, to the day before leaving on the trip.

This caterpillar was on my back porch, crawling on a houseplant that is summering out there. The afternoon light was just so — no added light on my part. I’d been playing quite obsessively with the micro-four-thirds Olympus with the super superb 60 mm macro lens recently added to that set of gear. I stopped my chores to make several exposures of the caterpillar. I think this is my favorite, but that may be subject to revision.

Next week, maybe some infrared panoramas of last week’s trip to the cape, or maybe something even newer.

This print is for sale here.

One thought on “Fuzzy Yellow Caterpillar Between Leaves

  1. Linda

    I found this same caterpillar on my porch. What is like to know is- the name of the moth or butterfly and what plant it likes.


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