Old concrete cube, ladder, waterfall; Iceland

Concrete Cube and Ladder, Iceland

This is a funny example of how an image can slowly bubble up to the top of my pile. I don’t think I even noticed this image as noteworthy in sifting through the images once back at my desk, home from iceland. I don’t think it even got a rating, so it stayed hidden in the vast murk of unrated images in my Lightroom catalog. Noticed more or less by accident and rated, it started popping into the overview of possible images. Like a bubble rising out of deep water, it gained speed and size as it popped to the surface of, “Yes!”

This was around the ruins of a herring cannery in the West Fjords of Iceland. We mostly had been camping on the trip, but we stayed, lingered, in this area a bit at a very nice inn.

This print is for sale here.

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