frozen drops on siberian iris leaf, 2013 — for iPad home screen

frozen drops on siberian iris leaf - iPad home screen image

Just a quick post here, and I’ll do more soon. I’ve been photographing a lot, around 200 exposures most mornings. Out of that, I’ve been getting some very good results.

This is one of the recent morning frost images, which I’m posting now not because it’s the very best, but because it makes a great iPad home screen image. The drops on the leaf are just above the dock bar at the bottom, but below the app icons, which stand out clearly against the blur.

I tend to pick home screen images for the iPad carefully, and then keep them for a long time. I’m often sort of amazed how long a well chosen image can keep giving me pleasure.

This is a wide aperture with the Olympus 60mm Macro lens I’ve been using so much on the Micro Four Thirds camera, which is both very sharp and produces very pleasant blur, “bokeh” at low apertures for close subjects.

If you’d like a “retina” resolution version of this image, for free, just email me.

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