Dandilions on Hill, Hartland VT 2014

In some places, people apply broadleaf herbicides, and the result is a uniform lawn, perfect in its way. But, environmental considerations aside, I think it’s a poorer world for that. The conformed, uniform lawn may be pretty in its way, but as I say, it’s less rich.

Sometimes as a gardener, I don’t always appreciate the weeds. But each and every weed is in its way a beautiful plant, or at least worthy of some respect. It’s an energetic presence clinging to life quite tenaciously. And if we catch it before it goes to seed, it can go on the compost — future riches for the soil.

Sometimes as a man who works with his mind, who works on his mind, I don’t always appreciate the mind-weeds. Or all the thoughts, about to go to seed in the wind like dandelions. They land in every corner and create more mind-weeds. But, catch them early, right onto the compost pile, and it’s a richer mind, full of more energy and possibility. Each mind-weed is a stout specimen in its own right, with its own beauty and strength and a part of the whole landscape. We can accept the whole, and it’s a beautiful thing.

No, we don’t just mow them down or poison them. We respect them and work with them. They flower and go to seed; the seeds blow away, and there are so many places they can land.

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