Dandelions and Stone Wall, Hartland VT 2015

dandelions and stone wall

I may have mentioned in the past that the original intent of this blog was to post brand new work. As I’ve also often mentioned, I think: I’m often too chicken, or too smart, to do that. It seems like a really good idea to let an image settle with time, to become a thing itself and detach itself from the remembered experience of being in the situation.

On the other hand, it is good to be excited about new work, and I’m doing a bunch of new work that I find exciting these days, of course most of it not posted yet.

I’ve often attempted to get the silhouette of a stone wall with the woods or meadow as a sort of figure/ground subject switch. I think this is a successful attempt at this, with dandelions to continue from last week.

This photograph can be viewed in higher resolution and purchased here.

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