“Luminosity” show at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

Reception on Thursday October 15, 5-7 pm!

This show is now hanging in area 4T, which is very convenient if you are looking for an endoscopy.

I got a call from the art program at the hospital telling me that a space was available now, a couple of weeks ago. I had a number of prints still framed from the show at the Howe Library in Hanover and also the Hermit Thrush show in Brattleboro, but I didn’t want to make the same show. I figured I could swap some prints in. I know a little music theory; I know that in, say, Bach’s flute sonatas he swaps a few accidentals in, and suddenly the piece is in a whole new space. So I had to find those new notes.

I’m usually sort of shy about showing work that I haven’t had in my mind for about 30 years or so. Is it a flash in the pan? Will I like it next week? And maybe it will be hard to print! With the short notice and the creative task of making the show reborn, I threw that baggage to the wind. New stuff. Can I print it? Yes, and very well.

The Four Square images at the top of this post were pulled from the catalog just for the way they might go together in and fit in this show. I’d never shown them to anyone, and indeed, I hadn’t thought very much of at least 3 of them. They weren’t even on my radar. But I think they are as good as anything. It feels good to just pick up a couple of arrows and let them fly, hitting the target without a few years’ forethought. If I can do this, I can do a lot more.

There are a handful more that I’ve never printed before too, some new work, some work pulled just for the atmosphere I was trying to create.

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