New Show Coming Up!

I have not been showing any work particularly during the pandemic. I’ve had some work remaining in some League of NH Craftsman galleries, and I think a lot of that is sold, so I’ve got to replenish work in those galleries. I’ve refreshed my work in Long River Gallery in White River Gallery.

I’ve been posting new work on my Mastodon account — a refreshing and better alternative to Twitter, especially for photography. It’s quite a passionate-about-photography online community. I’ve been much more daring, posting work that is more like sketches than fully formed and printed pieces. Somehow in that context I feel more comfortable doing that than anywhere else. Really, I’ve never liked to post work that is not “locked in” to an edit, including the paper I print it on. However, in recent years I’ve accepted that I will want to improve work and will do it actively — and it’s a shame to keep something locked into an interpretation when I’m seeing it better or have better capability to express it than I had in the past. It’s why I rarely do limited editions. Though I also understand the idea that the print is the print and will be the print — that’s the print. But anyway, I’m feeling flexible these days.

To find my photos on Mastodon you can use the hashtag #johnlehetphoto. I tag pretty much everything. And follow me. My current address on the Fediverse as of 3/10/23 is @[email protected].

Anyway, this upcoming show, for April. The theme the gallery wanted is Spring. So I have a range of spring interpretations, quite a lot of photos I’m considering and working with the trade-offs between the wide range of my work interpreting spring, versus the harmony between pieces. It is in a state of furious flux at the moment.