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Up Close

Morning Glory Bud in Rain, 2016

Garlic Scape by Raubritter Pink Roses

Orange and Scarlet Begonias Through Wet Screen

Orange and Scarlet Begonias Through Wet Screen III

Still Life: Ice, Tulips, Cherry Stump

Waterlilly After Rain

Orange and Scarlet Begonias Through Wet Screen, Vertical

Beech Buds and Pine Needle Bokeh, Vermont

Rose Hips in Snow And Fog

Rose Hips Snow Shadows

Rose Hips and Far Pond Bank, November 2016

Dew Drop, Four Blue Flag Iris, Bokeh

Two Raindrops, Blue Flag Iris, Bokeh

Four Morning Glories, 2016

Dew on Leek, by Morning Glories

Wet Leeks, by Morning Glories and Sunflowers

Morning Glory Bud and Flowers

Two Morning Glories, 2016

Four Morning Glories, Fall 2016

Light on One Morning Glory, 2016

Morning Glory in Autumn Fog, Row of Birches, 2017

Curved Ice Edge, Bubbles, Clay Brook

Apple in Ice, Rime on Grass

One Apple in Ice 2015

Two Apples in Ice

Wet Pine Needles in Winter Beech Wood

Cattails, Spiderwebs, Fall Birches

Cattails, Gold Light, Fall Birches

Cattails, Gold Light, Fall Birches

Rose Hips Bokeh November 2016

Beech Leaf in Snow, 2012

Two Pine Sprigs Under Spring Ice

Green in Blue

 Oak Leaf and Hemlock in Spring Ice, Vermont 2014

Pine Needles and Spring Ice

Acorn Cap, Pine Needles, Spring Ice 2014

Nut Shell, Frozen Pine Twig, Ice

Light Through Tulip

Pale Pink Peony After Rain, 2009

Wabi Sabi White Peony and Dew

Single Peony Opening

Waterlily Leaves, Apple Blossom Petals

Leaf in Puddle on Waterlily Leaf

Monarda Through Siberian Iris Leaves and Dew

Monarda Through Siberian Iris Leaves, Two Dew Drops

Single Apple Blossom Petal Impaled on Grass Blade

Frozen Dew on Autumn Siberian Iris and Maple Leaves 2013

Gone by Dandelion by Pink Azelea

Jawbone, Windowsill, 1981

Water Grass, Ice, Rime, Lyme NH 2008

Stump and Grass, Ice Storm, Vermont

Rose Hips in Snow

Rose Hips After Ice Storm

Rose Hips in Ice Storm

Beet Slices in Ice

Showy Lady's slippers in Rain

Showy Lady's Slipper Rain Morning Light

Single Showy Lady's Slipper After Rain

Frozen Dewdrop, Frost, Gold Maple Leaf, 2008

Yellow Siberian Iris Leaves, Frost, Fall 2013

Grass, Rime Ice, Clay Brook 2008

Wooden Path Clay Brook to Post Pond, New Snow

Beach Leaf and Branch in Ice Storm

Bee on Globe Thistle, Mondara, Vermont

Blue Tailed Damselfly, Vermont

Cow Jaw and Peas, Vermont 1988

Leek, Frost, Vermont 2010

Siberian Iris in Rain

Pale Pink Peony After Rain, 2006

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