Frozen Dewdrop, Frost, Gold Maple Leaf, 2008

Frozen Dewdrop, Frost, Gold Maple Leaf

I’ve been intending to post this since the leaves were just falling, and I almost got distracted by newer and more timely images now. But I think this is good.

I’m glad to still be spry enough to get down on the ground, even when the ground is freezing. This good old lens, a 60 mm Nikkor Micro, has been a real workhorse, and I’ve come to really love it. It’s been really good to get close to stuff. However I may be moving on, and I’m certainly moving on from that copy of the lens, which I’ve given away. It’ll be interesting to try the new (used) update, a 105mm Nikkor Micro. I’m a little worried that the longer lens will be harder to get as close to subjects. I may end up replacing that old 60mm Micro lens.

I’ve been really shaking things up lately: new (used) camera, and now a handful of new used lenses. I’ve also been studying the lens characteristics closely. I’ve got some good new images from working with the new things, and a large project in the works. I think this will be an exciting space in coming days and weeks — and then again a good burst after some work in March or so. Stay tuned!

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  1. Becky


    I really enjoy this photo. Also, it’s very neat how the water droplet in this photo echoes the water droplet in the John Lehet logo in the header!

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