iPad Home Screen: Single Leaf and Foliage Reflections 2013

iPad Home Screen - single leaf and foliage reflections

Another iPad Screen, a little late for seasonal use this year. This fits into my ideal of a photographic ipad home screen: it shouldn’t interfere with the clarity of the app icons; it should be interesting and perhaps colorful; it should have some not-in-the-way element that is clearly photographic. Often a shallow depth of field image will work for these goals.

As always with these iPad posts, email me if you’d like an iPad resolution copy.

The obligatory musings: This image was actually flipped horizontally, just for the purpose of iPad screen goodness. In fact, I think it does help the composition. If you keep each of your screens with a free spot, a missing app icon or two, the leaf will show up in the empty corner.

The funny thing is that now in the digital era, when it’s so easy to do things like this, I very rarely do flip images. I tend to try to cling to some sense of reality, now that reality is so malleable by digital means.

In the old days, by contrast, I used to do that in the enlarger. When I saw a composition on the ground glass of my 4×5 view camera, it was upside down and backwards. This actually helped develop my eye for abstraction. Often I would get excited about an exposure, but then I would find it just didn’t “move” the same way (the flow of the eye through a composition) as when I envisioned it, focusing on the upside down and backwards image. Upside down never worked, of course, and I didn’t go there. But sometimes flipping horizontally worked. I can’t think of any of my currently published online images that are flipped, but some of the film work might be.

This print is for sale here.

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