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Sunrise Over Franklin Hill, Mist and Ice Fishing Huts, Post Pond, 2008

Sunrise over Franklin Hill, Mist, Ice Fishing Huts

It’s about time to glue myself to the desk chair for the rest of the winter, except for when I do a 10 day meditation retreat. In addition to a lot of printing, I’m going to work on my book of Post Pond Years. That book won’t be purely get-running-from-a-dead-stop. I’ve been working on Post Pond photos for some time now, but there is a backlog, and hopefully a story to write. Some of the already up-there post pond photos are here. And This Photo is a good companion to this image, but a bit more dramatic, less subtle. It’s of a view to the south-west, while this image above is of course the south-east. The sun sets early over those hills.

This image today was really hard! First, one might think that a nice flat horizon would help make a panorama. Actually, it often makes it a bit trickier. This was a hard panorama to put together. It took hours, actually, but I developed a few new techniques, so at least my stubbornness paid off in learning as well as the image. Secondly, it’s harder to make a subtle image like this work than a more dramatic one, like the color sunset one. To separate the subtle tones so the misty hills aren’t all just misty-muck is a little tricky.

I’ll probably post it on the real site, so it can be viewed bigger there. I think it’s better bigger and higher resolution.

The Post Pond years were a serious period of growth, both as someone trying to wake up to this life, and also as a photographer, which is of course the same thing.

I bought a little ancient farm-hand’s house that needed a lot of work in 2003, and it was about a five minute walk to the spot photographed above. I was newly divorced, my daughter with me half the time. This also was a time when my web work slowed a bit, as some bigger and more high pressure clients moved to content management systems. I got my first DSLR and started meditating seriously.
Also around that time, high end ink jet printers became affordable, so it became a possibility to make good digital exposures and also good prints. I had some time, and I lived in a gorgeous place. I went nuts. Stay tuned for more. Also, this really does need to be bigger, so I’ll link to that as soon as I can.