Wooden Path Clay Brook to Post Pond, New Snow

This has been and still is a rich vein, these recent posts of just-at-freezing point along Clay Brook in Lyme NH. There’s still lots to mine here, several really good images I made at the time I lived near there. Most of them are winter images. But here in Vermont, it’s full-tilt bird-song springtime. While it’s been an unusual and good discipline for me to linger on one theme for a while, I need a path out of here.

And this, literally, is the path between Clay Brook and Post Pond. For a stretch through some wetland, there are some boards. This day, fresh snow in big crystals covered the boards. I have a handful of cool abstracts. Here is one.

And note, this photo blog was hacked, I think yesterday. It’s back, hopefully it will hold up against attack for a while.

This print is for sale here.

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